We benefit from ingredients that are only natural and they are good for our body. Therefore, it is important to make our own cosmetics from the best quality ingredients, we can offer in our online store.

Cosmetics are made from a variety of ingredients, but most of them contain preservatives and stabilizers that allow the cosmetic product longevity. Research has shown that some preservatives and stabilizers cause allergies and other diseases of the skin.

The solution is homemade and handmade cosmetics, which is created in our own kitchen. As such, it is adapted to the needs of our own skin, can be prepared fresh in small batches, so that we don't need preservatives and stabilizers, and above all, we can control the quality of the ingredients.

All cosmetic ingredients conform to the European Pharmacopoeia and can be used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products.

If you need assistance with ordering large quantities, please contact us directly.