Ever since ancient times, man wanted to create useful products from the basic materials offered by nature. Copper is also gift of nature, and mans companion for a very long time. Blacksmith with the help of fire, his own hands and knowledge, gives inspiration and meaning to the copper. Around AD 200 - 300, Arab alchemists began to discover the secrets of distilation, and master blacksmirhs created them alembic. The history of destilation and alembics began to be written at that time. And the Arabs took them all over the world. Alembics are hand made entirely of copper and have a specially shaped head, which evaporates volatile substances and directs them to the condensing recipient where they liquefy. Today they are widespread on the Iberian peninsula and in southern Europe.

The base of the distiller is a copper pot, which consists of three parts welded together.

The head of the distiller is made of a single piece of copper. Head and the condensing unit are connected with swan neck pipe which is fitted with brass thread or coupling. The cooler is equipped with two connectors, which are designed to facilitate the exchange of the cooling water. The inflow of cold water is connected to the lower one, while the upper one is designed to drain the hot water.

This alembic still is designed primarily for water distillation. Obviously its main application is for the distillation of alcoholic spirits from any number of fermented substances in which alcohol is present.

If you need a distiller for steam distillation of essential oils, we recommend using purpose-made Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Stills.

Our Premium line has achieved excellence with details such as:

  • CE certification
  • thicker copper sheets that require more manual labour and as a result become hand crafted master pieces,
  • The alembic set comes complete with brass joints and couplings
  • the condenser has a water inlet as well as a water outlet and more serpentine coils
  • Brass solders are used instead of copper or phosphorous alloy solders.

This equipment, if treated well, can last a lifetime.

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