Violet glass

Product of superior quality with sophisticated design and quality production.
Original violet glass.
Made according to the principles of bio-photonics.
Suitable for all aromatherapy and aromatic cosmetics and products.

Even the ancient Egyptians used coloured glass to store various goods. Most often, priceless fragrances were stored in coloured bottles. Violet glass was discovered early and its reputation stretched until the Middle Ages. Industrialization brought new materials to the consumer, and violet glass slowly went into oblivion.

Bio-photonics is a science that studies the effects of different light spectra on living matter. We must be aware of the fact that light beams carry measurable energy with them, which can be a carrier of life or death. Each spectrum of light has a different effect on the environment. Therefore, it is important that the packaging also protects the product even before the corruptive light spectrum. This is especially important in aromatherapy and aromatic cosmetic products, which contain only natural ingredients of higher quality.

The Sun emits a visible and invisible spectrum of light. The easiest way to see the spectrum is by passing the beam of visible light through a glass prism. Sunlight carries life or death, because sunrays can accelerate the processes of oxidation. Violet glass acts as a natural filter that leaves only the spectrum of sunlight that improves quality and extends the life of sensitive ingredients in the product.

Thus, scientists, again, came across violet glass that had been forgotten for the last hundred years. Together with the renowned cosmetic packaging manufacturer, they have created a product line, focusing primarily on strength, longevity and preserved quality of the natural ingredients that such packaging will protect against detrimental effects of the environment. They have not forget about the sophisticated design and quality of production, which are valued properties of more demanding customers.