About Us


Unguentarium is a Latin word for the room, where the ointments are made or used. It is the room, where we can find all the necessary ingredients for making potent medicinal ointments. In this manner we established the brand Unguentarium®, where we combine the rich heritage of herbalism and aromatherapy with carefully selected offers from all over the world.


Best of Aromatherapy and Aromacosmetics

We welcome you into our self-indulgent and charming world of aromatherapy and aromacosmetics, where you can find ingredients and the knowledge to create your own beautiful and luxurious products. We pledge ourselves to provide only natural ingredients, which can increase our psychological and physical wellbeing to the full potential.



Disciplined implementation underlies the management of our business and drives our consistent performance to the next level. Our goal is to provide carefully selected premium quality offers for a reasonable price, with a fast response and delivery times.