Benefits and advantages of copper containers

Copper kitchenware Unguentarium

Copper, solid at room temperature, a good electrical conductor and very malleable is extremely important and is a metal sought after in the industry. It is especially suitable for the manufacture of products which require good electrical conductivity (for example, electric wire) and the production of other alloys such as, for example, bronze and brass.

It is an important element of life in general, and is also found in the blood, where it is involved in the binding of iron in the haemoglobin and in the natural, copper colour of plants.

In addition to the industry, copper is also used in other areas, for example for the production of cookware, distillers and decorative products. It also has significant antibacterial characteristics and helps prevent disease transmission by food or water. It is very useful also in the distillation.

Why are some models of kitchenware coated with tin?

Some cookware is coated inside with tin, in order to prevent corrosion and to extend the lifespan of the product. This also allows you to cook acidic foods, which usually damage copper and destroy it.

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