Copper containers

Copper containers

Why use copper kitchenware?

  • Copper has excellent antiseptic properties, it prevents the possibility of infection and contamination of food with bacteria. Recent research has shown that the Escherichia coli O157, the type of E. coli bacterium, dies on the surface of the copper in a few hours. But in the corrosion-resistant containers it can survive even for a whole month.
  • It is an extraordinary heat conductor, which is evenly distributed across the whole container and therefore copper containers are extremely economical in power consumption. It also allows very precise control of the temperature, since it heats up and cools down extremely rapidly, almost simultaneously as a heat source.
  • Copper kitchenware has an ideal weight, since it is not too heavy and also not too light to use.
  • Copper containers are clean, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • It maintains the nutritional value of food and its organoleptic characteristics.
  • It prevents sugar to be crystallized, which makes it ideal for the manufacture of confectionery.

Why are some models of kitchenware coated with tin?

Some foods may be acidic or sour, and so they damage the copper or even react with the copper, which may cause an excessive amount of copper in the diet, which is not at all healthy.

Therefore, some dishes and kitchenware are coated with tin. You can cook sour foods, you don’t need to worry about health or about wear and corrosion of the container.

Tin is a metal, very close to copper and it heats up and cools down with the same speed as copper. From conventional containers that are not coated with tin, it is necessary to remove food as soon as possible when it is cooked. In copper containers coated with tin, food can be left after cooking as long as you want.

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