Since immemorial times man tried to manufacture functional items from the basic raw materials dug out from the earth's bowels. It all started with the melting of copper ore in hot furnaces and then hammering of the malleable copper into the desired shape. This is in fact a testimony to the creativity and ingenuity of these early craftsmen who have passed on this legacy as a living record of their expertise and craftsmanship. We are proud in being associated with such a great tradition and have sought to preserve this craft and distinguish ourselves by offering top quality Handcrafted Solid Copper Stills for the distillation of  excellent alcoholic spirits and essential oils.

The manufacture of our Solid Copper Stills is based on the premise that simple is better and though we have sought to keep abreast of modern developments in design and distillation technology, making improvements where necessary and even developing and designing new distillation systems, the basic principles of distillation have always remained the same and we have seen no need to add extra bells and whistles that would otherwise have no effect on the quality of the final distillate. Our mission is to provide professionals and amateurs alike with top quality distillation systems which accentuate the beauty and graceful design of our alembics, marrying modern day distillation technology with old world charm.

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