How to clean copper containers and utensils

Lemon, salt and copper pot

Due to the impact of heat from the stove and exposure to air, dark stains eventually appear on the copper. Therefore, here a few options are presented, how to clean it in a natural way.

You can of course also use a special cleaner for cleaning and polishing copper.

Varnish removal

In order to prevent oxidation and maintain the shine during storage, most of cookware is varnished. The same applies to decorative products.

In case of kitchen products (containers and utensils) varnish removal before use is necessary.

Please follow the instructions below to remove the varnish:

If after cleaning, you notice that in the parts of container varnish is still present, it can be removed with a cloth soaked in acetone.

Important: Before you use the container for cooking, it is necessary to remove the entire varnish. Otherwise, the varnish will blacken in contact with the heat from the stove.

You can also see in the video below, how the removal of varnish is carried out.

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