Pricing and taxes

All prices are quoted in EUR. Prices quoted on our website include VAT.

If you are a European Company and VAT Registered, please enter your EU VAT number in »Special Instructions« box on cart page. Please note we verify every VAT number manually and match your business name.

Prices are valid at the time of order, they may change daily and do not have predefined validity.

Published prices and the prices in issued offers are irrevocable and shall be valid only for purchase through our web site Prices are valid in case of using payment methods listed below.

In the event that the price changes during order process, the seller will allow withdrawal from the order and try to find a solution that will be to the mutual satisfaction.

The contract between the seller and customer is concluded at the moment when the seller confirms the order (the customer receives an e-mail confirmation). From that moment, all prices and conditions are fixed and apply to the seller and customer.

Some Al-Amiq® products are available only on request and therefore do not have the price listed. For such products, the price is determined individually »on request«. The customer requests a quote by online contact form or by email.

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