Production of copper containers and utensils


Copper pot reflection in copper

At room temperature copper is in the solid state. It is a pure and natural material, with just the right hardness for forging and is resistant to corrosion, which gives it excellent durability and functionality.

Due to the attractive appearance and the previously mentioned features it is extremely popular with craftsmen who turn copper plates into beautiful decorative products, kitchenware, and distillers.

The art of creating copper and bronze is not something to be learned in school or on the internet. Our craftsmen have learned the craft from their ancestors through a long process of everyday learning and upgrading its technology. Such a craftsman needs a lot of manual skills so that he can create decorative products with strict accuracy.

In a very short and laic way, you can read here how such products are made:

Some products are made from a single piece of copper, which are formed in the machine with the mould, and welding is not required.


Tinned copper pot

Some cookware is coated inside with tin, in order to prevent corrosion and to extend the lifespan of the product. This also allows you to cook acidic foods, which usually damage copper and destroy it.

The method of producing a tin coating is as follows:

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