200L Bain Marie Alembic Still Premium

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Bain Marie Alembic Still is quite similar to normal alembics, with the difference that it has a double bottom and is particularly suitable for the distillation of spirits distilled from a fermented mash containing large amount of sugar.


  • The system is designed with a double bottom, also called "bain marie", which means a water bath. Water is poured into the outer casing or the chamber of the kettle, while the fermented mash goes into the inner chamber. The outer chamber is fitted with a simple valve for regulating the pressure and temperature. The double-bottom system works in a perfectly simple way, with the heat at the source (gas burner, a fireplace with firewood) transferred to the outer chamber, and this heats the inner chamber evenly on all sides. The system with the double bottom prevents the alcoholic mash, or its sugars to be burned in the distiller, and thus destroy the taste of brandy. Due to the double bottom we do not need additional nets that would be erected at the bottom of the distiller. For a more precise distillation there is a thermometer on the head of the distiller.

    A Complete Set Includes:

    • double boiler,
    • hood with swan neck,
    • condensing recipient,
    • quick release brass couplings between the hood and swan neck and between the swan neck and condensing recipient,
    • discharge pipe for the internal chamber,
    • two screw-on brass plugs for the external chamber one topside for filling up with water and the other near the base for discharging water,
    • pressure release tube for the release of excessive pressure,
    • side handles on the hood for easy removal.
  • Production
    • hand made
    • pure copper
    • using traditional methods
    Country of origin
    Volume 200l
    Weight 66,3kg
    Height × Length × Width
    1680mm × 1900mm × 990mm
    Varnish Treatment No
    Warranty 24 months

The product is made by hand and as such may slightly deviate from the given size and weight. The thickness of the copper relates to the thickness of the plate, which has been used for the manufacturing of the distiller.

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