40L Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still

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The basic model for beginners who have distillation chosen as their hobby. Because of its small size, it is extremely practical and can be used for steam and water distillation. In doing so, we are limited only by our imagination and knowledge. With it you can produce amazing special spirits, essential oils and hydrolates. The column for this basic model does not include the rotating metal axle and draining pipe which are not essential for this size ideal for beginners who would like to experiment with steam distillation. Therefore, the basic model is available only up to 40l.


  • This distiller has an elegant design that originates from the time of the Moors and is still in use today on the Iberian Peninsula. The alembic with the neck is made of hand-shaped thick copper plates which are welded to each other. A fairly small refrigerator has an input and an output opening to facilitate the exchange of water. It is suitable for the steam and the water distillation. With the water distillation we obtain different spirits, and with the steam distillation different ethereal oils and hydrolates. This is enabled by a flexible neck and an extension tube which are used only in steam distillation. Aromatic material is placed in the head and the neck, and then we let the water vapour go through it.

    A Basic Set Includes:

    • copper pot,
    • copper column lid with copper sieve plate for steam distillation process,
    • copper head with stainless steel thermometer with copper thermo well - perfectly adapted to the size of the alembic - Celsius reading,
    • rapid brass locking/unlocking attachment between swan neck lid and condensing recipient,
    • copper water recipient with condensing coil,
    • hot water outlet tubing on condensing recipient.
    • Production
      • hand made
      • pure copper
      • using traditional methods
      Country of origin
      Volume 40l
      Weight 12,9kg
      Height × Length × Width
      1100mm × 840mm × 450mm
      Varnish Treatment No
      Warranty 24 months

    The product is made by hand and as such may slightly deviate from the given size and weight. The thickness of the copper relates to the thickness of the plate, which has been used for the manufacturing of the distiller.

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