Alcoholmeter with Thermometer

A professional alcoholmeter with a built in thermometer. Due to the exact measuring range between 30 and 60% and the easily readable scale, this thermometer always shows the correct percentage. Alcoholmeters are for reading alcohol content in distilled spirits only, and will not work on an un-distilled mash.


  • This alcoholmeter will provide constant and accurate readings of the exiting distillate. This model includes both the Cartier and Gay Lussac scale. The alcoholmeter is calibrated to 20 ° C, each temperature deviation is read with the thermometer and adapted to the scale with respect to temperature. Correction table can be downloaded by clicking here.

    This alcoholmeter is fitted with an additional thermometer and scale. Alcoholmeter measures from 0-100% or 10-44 proof (Cartier).

  • Country of Origin France
    Range 0-100% (Gay Lucas) & 10-44 proof (Cartier)
    Length 320mm

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