Cast iron gas burner for distillers from 3l to 60l

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The gas burner is suitable for distillers from 3l to 60l. It has 3 flame points, which allows accurate regulation of the thermal power:

  • central flame point - 2000 W,
  • external right flame point - 3000 W,
  • external left flame point - 3000 W.

Before purchasing, please check what type of gas and what kind of gas regulators are available in your country.

  • In this way, you can distill extremely accurately. When starting the distillation, use all 3 flame points, but when the distiller is heated, you can reduce or completely extinguish them if necessary. Of course, you can also use the burner for outdoor cooking purposes at events or at home parties.

  • Height × diameter (mm) 200 x 320
    Weight 7kg
    Total Power
    8 kw
    Gas type
    • butane / propane (G30/G31);
    • natural gas (G20)
    • 28 to 37 mbar for G30/G31;
    • 20 mbar for the G20
    Warranty 12 months


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