Copper Casserole, tinned with two brass handles Ø10cm

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Our most compact copper casserole pot, tinned inside with two brass handles and a corresponding lid. Copper on the outside guarantees even heat distribution, while tin coating allows you to cook sour food which you can left in the pot as long as you want. It is a perfect kitchen utensil for preparing sauces and side dishes.

Use tips:

  • Ideal for gas or electric cooker. It is also oven safe up to 230°C (Gas Mark 8). Unfortunately, it is not suitable for use on induction cookers.
  • Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, copper utensils rarely requires the full heat of the cooker, usually no more than 50-75% of full power. When cooking with gas, we suggest to use a lower flame as usual.
  • Avoid pre-heating an empty saucepan and never allow this to boil dry.
  • Always allow pots and pans to cool before cleaning.
  • We do not recommend the use of products containing bleach for cleaning copper cookware.
  • We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and always dry immediately after washing with a soft cloth.
  • Copper will develop a rich patina over time. This will not affect cooking performance. If you like to keep copper cookware looking like new, use a special polish suitable for copper products.
Diameter 10 cm
Height 4,5 cm
Volume 0,35 l
Warranty 6 months

Set includes::

  • copper casserole pot, tinned inside;
  • two rustic brass handles;
  • lid with rustic brass handle.

In order to prevent oxidation and maintain the shine during storage, the casserole pot is varnished. Before you use the pot for cooking, it is necessary to remove the entire varnish. For further information on how to remove varnish please see this article HERE.

The product is made by hand and as such may slightly deviate from the given size and weight.

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