Copper Sieve Tray

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The copper sieve tray facilitates the distillers work as it substitutes this rye straw or vine twigs when they are not readily available.


  • When distilling must or any other organic material (as opposed to the distillation of wine), the batch is placed in the copper pot. The direct contact with the heat from below may cause the organic substance to caramelise or even burn, and this will result in an unpleasant taste and/or smell to the distilled product or may interfere with the molecular composition of the oils. To avoid this, distillers traditionally place rye straw or small vine twigs and branches at the bottom of the copper pot before inserting the organic materials.

  • Country of Origin Portugal
    Weight varius, depens on size
    Height × Width (mm) varius, depens on size
    Copper Thickness 1,1mm

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This product is hand crafted and as such real dimensions and capacities may vary slightly from those listed here. The copper thickness stated refers to the copper sheet used in the manufacturing of the tray.

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