Diffuser »Alembic« for essential oils

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Diffuser »Alembic« for essential oils is a highest quality product and made entirely by hand. It is suitable for evaporation of mixture of water and selected essential oils. The source of heat is a tea candle, which further creates a special atmosphere.

The use of this vaporizer is quite simple. Pour water to the kettle and add 2 to 3 drops of aromatherapeutic essential oil. Then light the tea candle, which serves as a heat source. The water and essential oils will slowly begin to evaporate through the openings at the top of the evaporator (head). A functioning diffuser must have to be under control. Not suitable for distillation!

Set Includes:

  • metal stand with tea candle,
  • copper kettle,
  • perforated copper head with stylized coil.
  • Production
    • hand made
    • pure copper
    • using traditional methods
    Weight 250g
    Height × Length × Width
    130mm × 80mm × 50mm
    Varnish Treatment No

The product is made by hand and as such may slightly deviate from the given size and weight. The thickness of the copper relates to the thickness of the plate, which has been used for the manufacturing of the diffuser.

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