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Extra Virgin Coconut Butter

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Extra Virgin and unrefined coconut butter Unguentarium®, which works great in cosmetic products and also in the kitchen. It is completely white, creamy and with a slight scent of coconut.


  • Coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is of great commercial significance. The fruit is a large drupe with a hard endocarp and fibrous pericarp, the seed and its endocarp making up the commercial coconut. The seed consists of the »milk« and a solid, the copra, which contains about 65% fat.

    Coconut butter is a solid white, crystalline, highly saturated fat, with a distinctive, easily recognised odour. It is stable when exposed to air. This butter is obtained by cold pressing of dried copra.

    Coconut oil is one of those oils, which shocked the soap business the most. Homemade soap that contains coconut oil, is much better, because this oil builds up strong and abundant foam, it also gives moisturizing effect to the soap. 

    Virgin coconut butter conforms to the European Pharmacopoeia and can be used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products.

  • Country of Origin Sri Lanka
    Ingredients Cocos Nucifera Oil
    • mechanical, cold pressed;
    • unrefined
    • according to GMP and HAACP guidelines
    Colour white
    Alergens /

    Average nutritional value per 100g

    Energy Value: 900kcal
    Fat: 100g, of which:

    - saturates: 91g
    - mono-unsaturates: 7g
    - polyunsaturates: 2g

    Carbohydrates: 0g
    Proteins 0g
    Salt 0g

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