Large Tinned Copper Frying Pan with single brass handle

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The tinned copper frying pans make it possible to prepare any meal in a gentle way. They have great heat conductivity and even the smallest ones can sit securely on burners because they have a good weight. They have a beautiful shiny look and are very easy to clean. The bottom is completely flat to facilitate the even spread of heat. The frying pans can, therefore, be used to fry foods that require precision. Since the food is cooked evenly, it becomes healthier and more delicious. The sides are low and flared. The pans save energy because of their excellent conductivity and they can fit well into almost all kitchen interiors. They are easy to clean and maintain and they do not lose their shine easily.

Tips for Using the Pans:

  • When cleaning, we suggest that you use warm soapy water to wash them. When they are clean, they should be dried immediately and stored appropriately. Residual water may cause your copper pans to tarnish.
  • We recommend the use of mild cleaning soaps when washing the copper pans. Do not use bleach or products that contain bleach. If you wish to keep your pans looking new and shiny, you can use polish for copper. Just be sure that it is not poisonous or harmful to your health. It is okay to use lemon and baking soda to clear tarnished spots.
  • The pans are oven safe up to 230 degrees Celsius. They can also be used on gas and electric cookers. However, they should not be used on induction cookers.
  • Do not attempt to clean the pans while they are still hot.
  • Do not expose the pans to heat dry or pre-heat them before using.
  • The frying pans have really good heat conductivity so you should not use the full heat of the cooker as it will be unnecessary. Even when cooking with gas, stick to a low flame.
32 cm
23 cm
Height 5 cm
Warranty 6 months

Set includes::

  • copper frying pan, tinned inside;
  • single rustic brass handle.

In order to prevent oxidation and maintain the shine during storage, the casserole pot is varnished. Before you use the pot for cooking, it is necessary to remove the entire varnish. For further information on how to remove varnish please see this article HERE.

The product is made by hand and as such may slightly deviate from the given size and weight.

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