Nasal Inhaler

Essential oils enter our body via cutaneous, respiratory and olfactory pathway. Ones in the body, essential oils act both systemically and locally. With individual nasal inhalation we can administer medicinal volatile molecules via olfactory pathways. They pass through the mucous membrane of the nostrils and stimulate the nerve cilia, which in turn generate a nerve impulse of the two olfactory bulbs at the top of the nostrils. These electrochemically generated stimulations go through the first cranial nerves which branches to several sites in the brain, primarily the olfactory cortex of the temporal lobes and amygdala in the limbic area of the brain. In this way, we can regulate the body functions, mood, behavior, learning capabilities and memory.

Each nasal inhaler is a 4-piece assembly. It consists of a base, a cotton wick, a nasal inhaler, and a cover.
How to Assemble and Use:
  1. Identify assembly parts.
  2. Drip 5-15 drops of desired essential oil or essential oil blend on the oil absorbent wick until it is well saturated.
  3. Insert the wick into the inhaler.
  4. Insert the base into the bottom of the inhaler and push until it is firmly in place.
  5. Screw the cover on the inhaler for storage.
  6. To use the inhaler, unscrew and remove the cover. Place the opening in the top of the inhaler near the nostril and inhale. Replace cover when not in use.
  7. Extra wicks can be purchased for continued use of inhaler along with interchanging oils.

If you need assistance with ordering larger quantities, please contact us directly.

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