Violet Glass Cosmetic Jar and Black Lid 50ml

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Violet Glass Jar is perfect packaging for superior and natural products, such as cosmetics products or spices. Violet glass offers a unique possibility to maintain the value of the products at the same high level over a long time period. Violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part. At the same time it allows a certain part to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of products.

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Specification for jar:

Volume 50 ml
Diameter 54 mm
Height 44 mm
Material violet glass

Specification for lid:

Shape of the lid rounded
Colour of the lid
Insert energy violet-blue insert, 1,6 mm thick, material PHAN400

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